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Rosie Flos Kitchen Colouring Book

written by Roz Streeton

Now and Then Press | ISBN 9781870375122

Paperback – 36 pages


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Rosie Flo was created by a graphic designer mum as a response to the requests of two little girls who wanted to draw people, but needed a little help. Parts of Rosie Flo's Kitchen are printed on special see-through baking-style paper. The outfits ? each delicious in themselves ? allow children to combine the pages in series to create unusual scenes of fun. Don't worry, it's not complicated! It gives children the simple pleasure of colouring with their regular felt pens and pencils onto an unusual paper giving a new effect. We don't recommend paint on the baking style paper. SELLING POINTS: ? They have thick paper which avoid showing through or damaging the next page ? They are sturdy and will endure journeys without falling apart ? They are small enough to fit into a child?s hand luggage. ? The lines are intentionally not too thick? which would make it look like it was created for pre-schoolers only ? Not only for girls, there are Johnny Joe books for boys too with action based scenes Age range is between 4 to 12 but is for any child-at-heart who loves to draw!

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