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Back and Beyond New Zealand Painting for the Young and Curious

written by Gregory O'Brien

Auckland University Press | ISBN 9781869404048

Hardback – 112 pages


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Featuring art by a number of contemporary painters and printmakers--all of them seasoned travelers across time and space--this artistic gathering highlights the beauty of both classic and contemporary Maori art, placing the works of today alongside those of the 19th and 20th centuries. Since Maori first painted moa and mythical birds on cave walls, artists in Aotearoa, New Zealand have provided an imaginative, lively account of the lives New Zealanders have been leading, the dreams they've been dreaming, and the stories they've been telling. Angels, rugby players, insects and aunts, saws, mountains, the bush, and the beaches all play starring roles in this bird's-eye view of New Zealand painting. This compendium is alive with real and imagined encounters, mysteries, discoveries, and with many of the paintings that have, over the past hundred years, broadened the horizons of all New Zealanders. A follow-up to the successful and prize-winning "Welcome to the South Seas: Contemporary New Zealand Art for Young People," with more than 40 full-color plates and historical depth, it is guaranteed to dazzle and entrance its young and curious audience. Also included is an activities section which will delight youngsters and guide teachers and parents into developing young peoples' appreciation of art.

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