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James Tissot

The Life of Christ

written by Judith Dolkart, David Morgan, Amy Sitar

Merrell | ISBN 9781858944968

Hardback – 340 pages


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In 1885, having achieved success painting fashionable society in London and Paris, French painter James Tissot (18361902) experienced a religious vision that led to both a renewal of his beliefs and a dramatic shift in his artistic focus. Over the next 10 years, Tissot devoted himself to a project to illustrate the New Testament. The result was The Life of Christ, a monumental series of 350 watercolors combining fantastic imagery with minute archaeological observation and vivid realism. James Tissot: The Life of Christ is the first comprehensive exploration of this extraordinary body of work. Featuring three incisive essays and an informative commentary on the paintings, this exquisitely illustrated book examines the conception, creation, and history of The Life of Christ as well as the cultural context in which it emerged.

Artist: James Tissot

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