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Renaissance Faces Van Eyck to Titian

written by Lorne Campbell, Miquel Falomir, Jennifer Fletcher, Luke Syson

National Gallery Company | ISBN 9781857094077

Paperback – 304 pages


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This lavishly illustrated book explores the development of portrait painting in Northern and Southern Europe during the Renaissance, when the genre first flourished. While both regions developed distinct styles and techniques, each was also influenced by the other. Four renowned scholars consider the relationship between artists of the north and south to illuminate the notion of likeness. The authors offer new research on some of the greatest portraitists of the period, including Giovanni Bellini, Sandro Botticelli, Lucas Cranach, Albrecht Durer, Jan van Eyck, Hans Holbein, and Titian. This book is rich in information about portrait types, styles, techniques, iconographies, the function of portraits, and the connections among painting, sculpture, and portrait medals. Furthermore, the volume features fascinating accounts of the relationships of patrons, artists, and sitters, as well as the process of making portraits. The authors also investigate complex notions of beauty, spiritual belief, and the portrait as a mirror of the soul.

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