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Mark Walliger

written by Sally O'Reilly

Tate Gallery | ISBN 9781854379498

Paperback – 128 pages

Part of the Tate Modern Artists series.


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The consistently original painter, sculptor and video artist Mark wallinger has created some of the most subtly intelligent and irreverent work from the UK in the last twenty-five years. Studying in London at the Chelsea School of Art (1978–81) and goldsmiths College (1983–5), his early work questioned the traditions and values of British society and its class system, best represented by his employment of images of racehorses. Painted in a photo-realist style, these works explored issues of ownership, inheritance and pedigree, with suggestive titles such as Race, Class, Sex (1993). His 1995 Turner Prize nomination was largely thanks to his piece A Real Work Of Art, an actual racehorse which the wallinger had bought and named ‘A Real work Of Art’ with a view to entering it in races, causing his artistic concept to be piped into bookmakers up and down the country. As with all the titles in our perennial Modern Artists series, this book contains one hundred full-colour illustrations and a new interview with the artist.

Artist: Mark Walliger

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