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Islamic Arts from Spain

written by Mariam Rosser-Owen

V & A Museum | ISBN 9781851775989

Hardback – 160 pages


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"Islamic Arts from Spain" tells the fascinating story of the art and design produced in Spain under Islamic rule, and examines the long-lasting influence of Islamic Spain on European decorative arts. This book looks first at patronage during the 'Golden Age' of the Umayyad caliphate, from the mid-tenth to the early eleventh century, before discussing the Nasrid dynasty who ruled from Granada in a territory much reduced by the resurgent Christian monarchs of northern Spain. It also explores the phenomenon of the 'Mudejar', Islamic-influenced arts produced for non-Muslim patrons in the Renaissance and the craze for the 'Alhambresque', a style promoted by European designers such as Owen Jones. Addressing the creation, suppression, rediscovery and influence of Islamic art in Spain from the eighth to the twentieth century, the book is lavishly illustrated with objects drawn from the V&A's collections - from exquisite ivory caskets, marble tombstones and capitals to architectural models, jewellery, textiles and ceramics.

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