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Tate Watercolour Manual: Lessons From the Great Masters

written by Joyce Townsend

Tate Gallery | ISBN 9781849760881

Paperback – 144 pages


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Watercolour is a classic medium, practiced by many but mastered by few. It reached a ‘golden age’ from around 1750 to 1850, when artists such as Claude, Corot, Alexander Cozens, Cotman, Girtin, Cox, Constable, Turner and Ruskin created beautiful and complex images, but using surprising simply systems and processes. This accessible and clear workbook is both a practical guide and informative history - beginning with a ‘1-day course’, the chapters cover technique, equipment and general theory, leading to twelve short sections examining the master watercolour artists. The authors also include following chapters on plein air, painting conservation, and a short overview of contemporary watercolour practice readers. Each chapter includes photographs and helpful examples of works in progress, methods and how-to demonstrations. Firmly designed for those who have not picked up a paintbrush since schooldays as well as more seasoned watercolour practitioners, Joyce Townsend and Tony Smibert have used their considerable expertise to develop a book with a breadth of content suitable for anyone who wants to become painter in watercolour, be a more assured and better artist, or simply gain new understanding of the great British watercolourists.

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