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Snail Trail

written by Jo Saxton

Frances Lincoln | ISBN 9781847800213

Hardback – 32 pages


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A colourful snail asks you to help him look for his favourite painting. Follow his silver trail through a selection of famous modern paintings by an exciting range of modern artists including Pollock, Rothko, Mondrian, Dali, Picasso and Matisse in search of a piece of art that represents him. Paintings reproduced in the book: Pablo Picasso Maya in a Sailor Suit, 1938. MOMA Barnett Newman Abraham, 1949. MOMA Jackson Pollock Number 20, 1949. Private Collection/James Goodman Gallery, New York Mark Rothko White Centre, 1950. Private Collection Salvador Dali The Persistence of Memory, 1931. MOMA Ben Nicholson 1940-42 (two forms). Southampton City Art Gallery, Hampshire. Henri Matisse The Snail, 1953, Tate Modern Henri Matisse Goldfish (Red Fish), 1911 Pushkin Museum of Fine Art, Moscow

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