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Barefoot Book of Faeries

written by Tanya Robyn Batt

Barefoot Books | ISBN 9781846861635

Paperback – 63 pages


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Lift the veil between the faerie world and our own and meet a variety of faerie folk through stories, poems and snippets of lore from Britain and Ireland. Each story introduction is filled with fascinating historical and literary details about faerie customs, among the shower of pixie dust, glittery stars and fluttery dragon flies that highlight Gail Newey's whimsical illustrations. In these pages you will learn about all kinds of ethereal creatures, from sprites and elves to leprechauns and hobgoblins! A valuable learning tool as well as an enchanting journey into the mystical faerie realm, this charmed collection will appeal to children and adults who love faeries for their magic and mischief.

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