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Tying the Perfect Parcel

written by Rosemarie Jarski

New Holland Publishers Ltd | ISBN 9781845374150

Paperback – 304 pages


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Is there anything you should know how to do but don't? Ironing a shirt, sewing on a button, painting a door or packing a suitcase ? whatever your blind spot, this practical guide will help you conquer your fear, master the skill, then inspire you to further successes. Get to grips with a power drill! Put up wallpaper! Clean your computer! Braid hair! Order sushi! Floss! You'll learn how to do everything from shining your shoes to wiping your bottom ? and if that's one you thought you already knew, you just might be surprised? Advice is friendly, fun and jargon-free with step-by-step instructions and clear illustrations that are easy to follow and instill a spirit of can-do even in the domestically-challenged. It's like having your very own domestic life coach on call 24/7. Bursting with tips, tricks and timesavers, only one word sums it up: Perfect.

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