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100 Road Movies

written by Jason Wood

Macmillan Art Publishing | ISBN 9781844571604

Paperback – 262 pages


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From the earliest days of American cinema, the road movie has been synonymous with American culture. But the road movie is not uniquely American, and other national cinemas have offered their own take, adapting it to reflect their own sensibilities and geographies. Whatever its nationality, the road movie has presented a means by which to challenge and confront convention, remaining an ever-changing, fascinating metaphor for life. Beginning with an expansive essay tracing their historical development, "100 Road Movies" is an entertaining but comprehensive guide to one of the most enduring and popular movie sub-genres. Film entries include "The Grapes of Wrath", "Easy Rider", "Two-Lane Blacktop", "Stranger Than Paradise", and "The Motorcycle Diaries".

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