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Moving the Eye Through 2d Design

A Visual Primer

written by Buy Shaver

Intellect | ISBN 9781841503639

Paperback – 192 pages


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A common-sense overview of the visual arts fundamentals, "Moving the Eye Through 2-D Design" provides a step-by-step approach to understanding what causes us to look at a painting, photograph, or any 2-dimensional media and, what is needed to maintain visual interest. This volume introduces a goal-oriented method that applies aspects of line, shape, value, and colour directly to moving the viewer's eye to and through a composition. By learning how to move the eye, the basic principles of 2-D design are discussed as integrated elements that succinctly relate to the art making process. With this method, artists learn how to incorporate feeling into the creative process from the outset rather than remaining a subjective afterthought. Equally applicable to the fine arts, applied arts, and digital media, "Moving the Eye Through 2-D Design" provides a simple and comprehensive methodology through which artists can create a dynamic work of art.

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