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The Funkiest Cameras of Photographys Golden Age

written by Laurence Harvey

Ilex | ISBN 9781781570012

Flexi jacket – 176 pages


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Explore a world of cool, quirky, and collectable vintage cameras The huge growth of sales in Lomography-style plastic-lens cameras shows that interest in, and love of, cheap, fun, cameras has never been stronger. But the few models that are still manufactured are only the tip of the iceberg, with hundreds of amazing, exciting, weird and wonderful cameras widely available at yard sales, thrift stores and online. This book is the first to look at every significant ‘people’s camera’ launched since Kodak Box Brownie brought cameras to the masses in 1908—and some cool gadgets too—providing a fascinating insight into the tastes of previous generations. Not only that, but each featured camera is accompanied by rare original promotional materials, so you can see exactly what its manufacturers, or Madison Avenue, made of the latest camera in its day (and learn a bit about your grandfather’s world!).

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