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Learning Through a Lens: It's All About Photography!

written by Jane Hewitt

Crown House Publishing | ISBN 9781781351147

Paperback – 200 pages


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Anyone can take a photograph and use photography to deepen their understanding. Sometimes there are real barriers to learning - social, cultural, ability, motivation but photography has something to offer everyone- it provides a vehicle for both teamwork, or self-discovery, inspiration, wonder, exploring hidden depths in iconic images, and subsequent philosophical questions. It allows for creativity but also for structure, freedom and rigour. It gets beneath the surface and beyond the obvious. Subjects covered in this book include: Camera basics - composition, camera functions, basic uploading, editing, printing & presentation Self-portraits - all about me, secrets, hidden depths, expressions Dear Photo- putting old photos into a scene, then and now. Using Tiny people to create whole new worlds, scenes and stories. P4C - Using images for philosophical discussion Street Art- is it art? Linking this to local projects Forced perspective images - real scope for creativity& fun For use by all teachers, parents, youth workers and for anyone wanting to teach using photography.

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