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Monkey Boy

written by Donovan Bixley

Scholastic | ISBN 9781775431862

Paperback – 228 pages


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So ... how do you go to the toilet on a great sailing warship? Worse what do you do when your breeches are about your ankles, your naked nether regions are hanging out over the dark frothing ocean 20 feet below and youre cornered by a hideous phantom, hell-bent on revenge? Young Jimmy has a problem no, its not the crazy men in his gun crew, the older bully boys, awful amputations, exploding diarrhoea, or the food that would make a landlubber ill. Jimmys problem is that he can see the dead. And they scare the flapping halibut out of him! Worse still, the ship is headed for bloodcurdling battle where the dead will be thick as flies maybe even as thick as some of Jimmys crew mates. As the odds pile against him, can Jimmy turn his secret curse into a powerful ally?

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