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Curses and Blessings For All Occasions

written by Bradley Trevor Greive

Allen and Unwin | ISBN 9781742379555

Paperback – 72 pages


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"May your yogurt be teeming with bacteria." Bradley Trevor Greive bestows this blessing on readers and many more in his newest gift book, Curses and Blessing For All Occasions. Mixed in are as many respectable curses for good measure. Witty, warm, and engaging, BTG brings his trademark style to this humorously twisted book for all events, circumstances, and occasions. Blessings include: May your excuses for avoiding tedious social engagements always sound credible; May your blocked pores be licked clean by angels; May your corpse be museum worthy. Curses include: May small dogs exploit all your insecurities; May a bomber formation of incontinent geese fly over your sunroof.

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