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Florence at the Dawn of the Renaissance

Painting and Illumination 1300 - 1350

written by Christine Sciacca

Getty Publications | ISBN 9781606061268

Hardback – 448 pages


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This is a gloriously illustrated look at the wealth of talent and artistic endeavour in Florence at the dawn of the Renaissance. Florence and the Renaissance have become virtually synonymous, bringing to mind names like Dante, Giotto, Boccaccio and many others whose creativity thrived during a time of unprecedented prosperity and intellectual innovation. With more than 200 illustrations, "Florence at the Dawn of the Renaissance" reveals the full complexity and enduring beauty of the art of this period, including panel paintings, illuminated manuscripts, and stained glass panels. The book considers not only the work of influential artists such as Giotto and Taddeo Gaddi, but also that of the larger community of illuminators and panel painters who collectively contributed to Florence's artistic legacy.

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