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Real Life Journals Designing and Using Handmade Books

written by Gwen Diehn

Lark Books | ISBN 9781600594922

Hardback – 180 pages


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The second in AARP's "Live & Learn" series celebrates making and keeping journals.A custom-made journal can enrich a person's life, and this new entry in the "Live & Learn" series helps readers design journals that enhance the experiences they're chronicling. The unique format features an envelope attached to the inside front cover that contains a small book called "Choose Your Own Bookbinding Adventure" so readers can select the perfect journal for their purpose. Imagine a reader wants a travel journal that is portable and has both lined pages and blank ones to paint on. The booklet directs him or her to the instructions in the main book that explain how to make that specific design. There are instructions and beautiful illustrations for 16 kinds of books and 10 cover styles. A removable foldout found on the inside back cover explains essential bookmaking basics. People who had personalized journals made for them by the author share their process and their pages, and beautiful photos and profiles of journal keepers inspire readers to make their own and start writing and drawing."

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