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Discovering Watercolour Sketching Set

Walter Foster Publishing | ISBN 9781600580734

Kit – 40 pages


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Discover the rewards of keeping a watercolor sketchbookKeeping a watercolor sketchbook is a unique artistic journey involving all the senses. This creative process of painting what you perceive both strengthens art skills and yields a uniquely personal collection of one's life experiences. Learning this process has never been a greater joy than with this kit. Everything needed to begin a watercolor sketchbook is inside-from a quality set of art materials to a 40-page inspirational guidebook by accomplished watercolorist Brenda Swenson. After touching on the basics of watercolor painting, Brenda leads readers through the artistic process of recording the world around them. With insight on expressing mood with color, assembling dynamic compositions, and exploring time of day, this guide is more than an instructional book-it offers creative ways for artists to communicate their experiences with watercolor. Brenda also explores the versatility of the sketchbook, showing how to use it as a travel diary, a daily journal, and even a tool for preparing a full-sized painting.

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