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The Complete Book of Retro Crafts

Collecting, Displaying and Making Crafts of the Past

written by Suzie Millions

Lark Books | ISBN 9781579908690

Paperback – 176 pages


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Anyone feeling nostalgic, longing for the handmade and interested in going retro can stop right here! This definitive guide to the fun and quirky world of retro crafts is jam-packed with history and wonderful images from vintage pamphlets, collections and flea market hunts. Everything memorable is included, from the ridiculous to the sublime, along with the lowdown on collecting and creating a crafting group. Forty retro-inspired projects run the gamut from glitter frames and matchbox purses to bottlecap men and teacup ladies, plus lovable plastic flower pixies; and the sparkling sputnik and its desk-top compadre, the beauty orb, amongst exciting others. Variations and creative suggestions will keep readers inspired.

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