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1000 Rings

Inspiring Adornments for the Hand

written by Marthe Le Van

Lark Crafts | ISBN 9781579905088

Paperback – 416 pages

Part of the A Lark Jewelry Book series.


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Diverse, extensive, and incredibly beautiful, this awe-inspiring collection features the most magnificent rings ever. With designs that range from the traditional to the very avant-garde, each of the 1,000 examples is an exceptional work of art, finely crafted by the best contemporary jewelers. Rob Jackson mixes antique industrial elements (a 100-year-old wrought iron nail) with radiant 20-karat gold and a glowing ruby for a dynamic visual contrast. Tomomi Arat's collection, Treasure from Under the Sea, captures the exoticism of ocean life: he uses pearls, enamel, and sand to create rings that look as if they were chiseled directly out of a coral reef. Among the prestigious artisans represented: Arline M. Fisch, Michael Zobel, Katja Prins, Paul Preston, and Bruce Metcalf.

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