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Bamboo Fences

written by Osamu Suzuki, Isao Yoshikawa

Princeton Architectural Press | ISBN 9781568988344

Hardback – 160 pages


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Bamboo has emerged as the building material of choice for the twenty-first century. Designers in every fieldfrom architecture to aeronauticsare discovering ever more innovative uses for the miracle plant. Five times stronger than concrete and flexible enough to be woven like silk, bamboo has for millennia been an indispensable necessity of life for cultures around the world. Botanically classified as a grass, it is one of the fastest growing plants on earth. Its abundance and extreme durability have made it a natural choice as the raw material for fences and partitions. Indeed, in Japan, bamboo fence building has become an art form, and endless varieties of bamboo fences exist, from simple picket designs to elaborate fences woven with bamboo branches.

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