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On Vision and Colours by Arthur Schopenhauer and Colour Sphere by Philipp Otto Runge

written by Philipp Otto Runge, Arthur Schopenhauer, George Stahl

Princeton Architectural Press | ISBN 9781568987910

Paperback – 176 pages


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During the first two decades of the nineteenth century, two of the most significant theoretical works on colour since Leonardo da Vinci's Trattato della Pittura were written and published in Germany: Arthur Schopenhauer's On Vision and Colours and Philipp Otto Runge's Colour Sphere. For Schopenhauer, vision iswholly subjective in nature and characterized by processes that cross over into the territory of philosophy. Runge's Colour Sphere and essay "The Duality of Colour" contained one of the first attempts to depict a comprehensive and harmonious colour system in three dimensions. Runge intended his colour sphere to be understood not as a product of art, but rather as a "mathematical figure of various philosophical reflections." By bringing these two visionary colour theories together within a broad theoretical context--philosophy, art, architecture, and design--this volume uncovers their enduring influence on our own perception of colour and the visual world around us.

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