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Cartographies of Time

A History of the Timeline

written by Anthony Grafton, Daniel Rosenberg

Princeton Architectural Press | ISBN 9781568987637

Hardback – 272 pages


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What does history look like? How do you draw time? From ancient images to the contemporary, the line has served as the central figure in the representation of time. The linear metaphor is ubiquitous in everyday visual representations of time, in calendars, charts, and graphs. Cartographies of Time is the first comprehensive history of graphic representations of time in Europe and the United States from 1450 to the present. The authors have crafted a lively history of timelines from medieval manuscripts to websites. Cartographies of Time features a wide variety of timelines, from one that uses the different parts of the human body to show the genealogies of Jesus Christ and the rulers of Saxony, to the April 1912 Marconi North Atlantic Communication chart (which tracked ships, including the Titanic, at points in time rather than by their geographic location) and even a chronological board game patented by Mark Twain. This lavishly illustrated edition presents a fascinating history of the role visual forms have played in our evolving conception of history.

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