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The Art and Spirit of Paris: 2 Volume Set in Slipcase

written by Michel Laclotte

Abbeville Press | ISBN 9781558597600

Slipcase – 1528 pages


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All the arts—painting, sculpture, architecture, urban design, interior design, graphic design, photography, film, fashion, the theatre, and opera—have played a role in creating the enduring spirit of Paris. From a primitive village huddled on an island in the middle of the Seine, Paris rose to glory as a medieval and Renaissance centre for art, as the cradle of the Enlightenment, and as the crucible of modern art and architecture. It remains a world centre of innovation in art, architecture, and design, and one of the most thoroughly pleasurable of all modern cities.
Assembled under the editorial direction of Michel Laclotte, former director of the Musée du Louvre, and with the participation of outstanding scholars on both sides of the Atlantic, The Art and Spirit of Paris spans more than 6,000 years of cultural history. In two volumes, comprising nine insightful and wide-ranging chapters, and with approximately 1,500 illustrations, the authors chronicle the history of the visual arts in Paris, tracing their evolution and that of the social systems that supported them.

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