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Folinsbee Considered

written by Kirsten Jensen

Hudson Hills Press | ISBN 9781555953904

Hardback – 322 pages


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John Fulton Folinsbee was a very successful artist virtually from the time he started painting, fresh out of school, in 1915. He had successful solo shows, New York City Gallery representation, juried awards at national level, exhibitions and many major museums across the country acquiring his works. By the 1930s he was considered one of the leading artists of his generation along with names such as Leon Kroll and Thomas Hart Benton. By the 1950s however, Folinsbee's career was in commercial decline and his work has been overlooked by art critics and historians through most of the rest of the 20th Century. It is as a regional (New Hope) Impressionist that he is still best known, though his transition to an Expressionist style is perhaps the most intriguing and least explored of the large body of work he created right up to his death in 1972.

Artist: John Folinsbee

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