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Charles Henry Miller N A

Painter of Long Island

written by Ruth Ann Bramson, Geoffry Flemming

Hudson Hills Press | ISBN 9781555953430

Hardback – 200 pages


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Long Island, located east of New York City, has been the home of many great artists over the past three centuries. Though most were not native to this place, few showed more devotion and love for the Island than painter Charles Henry Miller. A native of New York City, Miller would devote much of his life to depicting his adopted home in this work. Throughout his sixty-year career Miller made it his mission to promote Long Island's beauty to his many associates in the New York art scene. He noted again and again that there was no other place in the world that provided the variety of scenes and landscapes that could be found in abundance on Long Island. It was his favorite destination for sketching, painting or writing prose. Miller's passion and advocacy for the Island extended beyond his immediate artistic circle, and he promoted its scenic views and landscape through exhibitions that featured his paintings to audiences around the world. Important for their artistic merit alone, Miller's paintings and sketches were praised for their ability to impart the rich history of Long Island. Charles Henry Miller, N.A. documents the life and career of this great American painter. Through the reproduction of dozens of his paintings, this work represents his legacy to Long Island and to the nation through his depiction of a now vanished world.

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