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Photography and Philosophy

Essays on the Pencil of Nature

written by Scott Walden

Wiley | ISBN 9781444335088

Paperback – 344 pages

Part of the New Directions in Aesthetics series.


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Takes a fresh look at some familiar issues - photographic truth, objectivity, and realism
Introduces newer issues such as the ethical use of photography or the effect of digital-imaging technology on how we appreciate images. Seeing is believing –or is it? In an era of digital-imaging technology, can photographs still be considered truthful or realistic? Photography and Philosophy takes an up-to-date look at the issues of photographic truth, objectivity, and realism. It tests the limits on what can ethically be done with a camera and examines the fundamental differences between photographic and non-photographic artwork.
Unlike the numerous texts devoted to the subject of Film Theory, this collection contains essays specifically about the art form of Still Photography and the broader theoretical questions it raises. Written by contemporary philosophers in a thorough and engaging manner, it is an excellent resource for students studying aesthetics or fine arts and photography.

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