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Art 101

written by Eric Grzymkowski

Adams Media Corporation | ISBN 9781440571541

Hardback – 288 pages


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'Art 101' offers readers an exciting look into the history of artistic expression. Too often textbooks turn the noteworthy techniques, principles, and figures of fine art into tedious discourse that even Michelangelo would reject. This easy-to-read guide cuts out the boring details, and instead provides readers with a hands-on lesson in art.

Featuring stimulating elements and only the most important facts, theories, and artwork, readers will enjoy unravelling the mysteries of artistic expression with this book. The book includes unique, accessible elements like:

• Illustrations of classic techniques, such as perspective and foreshortening
• Illustrations of popular styles of art
• Unique profiles of the most inspirational characters in art history

From Aristotle and Heidegger to the banality of evil and Plato's Cave, 'Art 101' is packed with hundreds of entertaining fine art tidbits that readers can't get anywhere else!

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