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Kawaii Not Too

Cute Gets Badder

written by Megan Murphy

North Light Books | ISBN 9781440309205

Paperback – 208 pages


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These 4-panel comics feature adorable versions of everyday objects saying not-so-adorable things. This volume includes 100 new comic strips. Each is perforated, so it can be torn out and given to a friend. The book includes a built-in easel to display comics on a desk, shelf, or table. In addition to the comic strips, the book also contains: a collection of kawaii-ku (like haiku, only cuter); the tale of the Cupcake and the Muffin (an illustrated poem); a diagram of a Kawaii-Lover (a tongue-in-cheek medical book-style illustration); a Cute/Creepy Venn diagram (one circle full of cute thing illustrations, one circle full of creepy thing illustrations, and the point at which they intersect); and, stickers (self-explanatory).

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