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Saints and Their Symbols

written by Rosa Giorgi

Abrams | ISBN 9781419702242

Hardback – 420 pages


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Every saint has features or characteristics that allow for clear identification. The identities of the saints have been encoded for centuries in symbols one only had to be aware of these elements in order to be able to identify saints in the wide range of artistic and devotional images that have been created throughout the long history of religion. This book covers the most important saints of Christianity, more than 120 in all, offering a handy reference tool for those who want to read the iconography of saints and understand the stories told by countless painting and artworks. Beautifully illustrated by more than 200 classic images, Saints and their Symbols is a guide that teaches readers to recognise the saints, not only offering insight into their appearance, but also the meanings of their symbols and the roles these figures played throughout history.

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