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Collectors Logbook

written by Linda Lambert, Michael Lambert

Herbert Press Ltd | ISBN 9781408105078

Hardback – 112 pages


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The Collector's Logbook has been designed to enable collector's to keep detailed records of pieces in their collections. Each item has been allocated a two-page spread on which there is space for an image, a detailed description, price, contact details for the artist and gallery involved as well as general notes (provenance etc.) about the piece. There is an index at the back which will provide the collector with quick access to the items included. Space for general notes is also provided as well as a pocket on the inside back cover in which invoices, cards etc. can be stored. The result is a complete, easy-to-access detailed list of items which will be both a useful guide to the collection and a record suitable for insurance purposes. All in all, the Logbook is a must for all collectors.

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