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The Black Rabbit

written by Philippa Leathers

Walker Books | ISBN 9781406343687

Hardback – 40 pages


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In this clever picture book, a debut author-illustrator introduces a plucky rabbit and the new companion (friend or foe?) that he just can't shake. Rabbit has a problem. There's a big, scary Black Rabbit chasing him. No matter where he runs - behind a tree, over the river - the shadowy Black Rabbit follows. Finally in the deep, dark wood, Rabbit loses his nemesis - only to encounter another foe! Kids who like to be in on the secret will revel in this humorous look at fears, first impressions and friendship, all brought to light by a talented animator. Kids will love being in on the secret that the Black Rabbit is Rabbit's shadow. This is a debut picture book from a talented artist. It is a big hit at the Bologna international rights fair. It includes charming endpapers that allow readers to trace Rabbit's path as he attempts to evade the Black Rabbit. This edition is resplendent with jacket.

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