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Lovabye Dragon

written by Barbara Joosse

illustrated by Randy Cecil

Walker Books | ISBN 9781406338843

Paperback – 32 pages


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Once there was a girl, an all-alone girl, who didn't have a dragon for a friend. Well, that is about to change...A lonely girl in her castle longs for a dragon. Far away in a cave, a dragon dreams of a girl. When they meet, it's sweet! They dance and sing and play hide-and-seek. Then cuddle up for the night. Bestselling author Barbara Joosse joins the Walker list! Her lyrical text, and illustrations by the inimitable Randy Cecil, make this a sure-fire hit. The story centres on the friendship between a lonely girl in a castle and the dragon she has always longed for. It combines a bit of adventure, a deliciously sing-song text and a cosy ending to truly heartwarming effect.

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