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Game Design Essentials

written by Briar Lee Mitchell

John Wiley & Sons Ltd | ISBN 9781118159279

Paperback – 320 pages


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An easy-to-follow primer on the fundamentals of digital game design The quickly evolving mobile market is spurring digital game creation into the stratosphere, with revenue from games exceeding that of the film industry. With this guide to the basics, you'll get in on the game of digital game design while you learn the skills required for storyboarding, character creation, environment creation, level design, programming, and testing.
* Teaches basic skill sets in the context of current systems, genres, and game-play styles
* Demonstrates how to design for different sectors within gaming including console, PC, handheld, and mobile
* Explores low-poly modeling for game play
* Addresses character and prop animation, lighting and rendering, and environment design
* Discusses the path from concept to product, including pre- and post-production
* Includes real-world scenarios and interviews with key studio and industry professionals With Game Design Essentials, you'll benefit from a general-but-thorough overview of the core art and technology fundamentals of digital game design for the 21st century.

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