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Colours of the Earth

Our Planet's Most Fascinating Natural Landscapes

Craftsman House | ISBN 9780987392718

Hardback – 320 pages


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This spectacular book of the most fascinating natural landscapes on our planet is a visual feast of panoramic photographs by the world’s top geographical photographers. Each photograph is a work of art in itself, capturing the Earth’s startling colours and fantastic play of light. The Colours of Earth is a compelling journey to the last remaining paradises on Earth. Discover their beauty in this richly illustrated volume.
The Colours of Earth • Emerald-green – the coral seas of Papua New Guinea • Golden-orange – the vast sand dunes of the Namib Desert • Intense red – the sandstone formations of Ayers Rock • Violet – the saline fields of Lake Natron in Tanzania • Ultramarine – the Barrier Reef of Belize in the Caribbean • Deepest black – the lava fields of Hawaii • Pastel pink – the Colorada Lagoon in Bolivia‘s Altiplano • Vibrant green – the impenetrable rainforests in the Congo Delta

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