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Van Gogh: Struggle and Success

Audio Biography

written by Fred Leeman, Helen Mirren

Penguin Books Ltd | ISBN 9780984310517

Book + cd – 170 pages


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Van Gogh is the first of a series of icons to whom we pay tribute. Although his name and genius are globally recognized, it is a well-known and tragic fact that Vincent himself did not live to see his life's work and inspirational message recognized and embraced. His legacy makes us all alive to the difficulties of life and art and to the human capacity to overcome adversity and tenaciously strive to touch the world. If his story shows anything it is that belief in one's talent, and passion, focus, and persistence in struggling to nurture and express it, are the keys to unlock our potential for success . . . and lie within anyone's grasp.

The audio-biography format is the ideal means to reach as large an audience as possible. Expertly written and beautifully narrated, its modest duration of less than two hours serves as a short but serious biography for those culturally interested but too young, busy or energetic to linger, while the accompanying books instill curiosity with the wider legacy, its history and its actuality.

Artist: Vincent Van Gogh

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