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Art Models 2

Life Nude Photos for the Visual Arts

written by Douglas Johnson, Maureen Johnson

Live Model Books | ISBN 9780976457381

Hardback – 128 pages


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This title contains a book and a CD-ROM. Artists looking to supplement a live model class or hone their skills from the comfort of home are provided with a solid pictorial guide to the human form in this detailed reference. Nearly 200 crisp photographs portray a diverse group of male and female models from a variety of angles in 52 classically inspired poses. Precise lighting reveals otherwise hidden areas of the models and illustrates rich shadowing and tone, while an anatomical study, inspired by da Vinci's Vitruvian Man, presents detailed proportional references for each model. The accompanying CD-ROM contains nearly 1,500 high-resolution, full-colour images, allowing artists to zoom in on challenging areas such as the hands, feet, and face, or project the photos to life-size proportions.

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