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The Sound of Tumbling Water

written by Robert Billington

Sparkle Horse | ISBN 9780975245057

Hardback – 120 pages


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Bondi: The Sound of Tumbling Water is Robert Billington's remarkable view of Bondi, photographed between 1992-2006 using a classic Rolleiflex waist level camera and mainly black & white film. Photographed from midnight to sunset, Robert Billington's camera focuses on the unusual and atmospheric aspects of one of Australias iconic beaches and suburbs. This is Bondi upside down and inside outviewed from above, below and waist level! From local surfers, to shopkeepers, dog walkers, lovers, dancers to migrants, visitors and artists, the essence of Bondi has been uniquely captured and recorded. With an introduction and interviews by Gina Schien, Bondi: The Sound of Tumbling Water is a reminder that all swimmers are equal between the flags.

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