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How to Look at a Painting

written by Justin Paton

Awa Press | ISBN 9780958253888

Paperback – 136 pages

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There have never been more paintings painted, and more words written about art, than today. But what does it all mean? How can you distinguish a 'good' painting from a 'bad'? A great artist from a lousy one? Eye candy from deep profundity? How can you tell if it's even art at all? To the average art lover trying to make sense of the manifold movements, techniques, types and trends, it's all a bit like wading through treacle. Enter Justin Paton. Paton has carved a reputation for his ability to demystify art, and make you look at a work - whether an eighteenth century Japanese screen, nineteenth century portrait, twentieth century action painting, or even a blank white canvas of 'nothing' - with new eyes. Whether you're a serious art student or just drop into a gallery occasionally, this book will open your eyes - and your mind.

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