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Highjack Reality Deptford X

How to Organise a Really Top Notch Art Festival

written by Bob Smith, Roberta Smith

C.T. Editions | ISBN 9780954707125

Paperback – 144 pages


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The past decade has seen a massive growth in arts festivals, to the point where almost no city would be without one yet few have had the impact of Deptford X. Many of the hottest names in the contemporary art world including Dan Graham, Miltos Manteas, Stephen Pippin, Bernadette Corporation, Simon Startling and Julian Opie have been drawn to its unique atmosphere, and even launched their careers there. Now celebrating its tenth anniversary, this book takes a look at the festival's achievements so far, as well as its role in the redevelopment of this vibrant corner of southeast London. Illustrated throughout with works from past exhibitors, as well as photos that capture the spirit of the festival, this book is a must-read for all those who love arts festivals, as well as anyone who has ever worked with artists, is an artist or is thinking of becoming one.

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