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The Human Body a Virtual Guide to Human Anatomy

written by Dr Sarah Brewer

Quercus Publishing Plc | ISBN 9780857382504

Hardback – 192 pages


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The Human Body provides a spectacular visual explanation of the human body and how it works. The book is organised according to different body systems: THE CELL; THE INTEGUMENTARY SYSTEM; THE SKELETAL SYSTEM; THE MUSCULAR SYSTEM; THE NERVOUS SYSTEM; THE RESPIRATORY SYSTEM; THE CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM; THE IMMUNE SYSTEM; THE ENDOCRINE SYSTEM; THE DIGESTIVE SYSTEM; THE HEPATIC SYSTEM; THE URINARY SYSTEM; THE REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM; PREGNANCY; CHILDHOOD; AGEING. Expert text combined with superb cutting-edge imagery make The Human Body the definitive home reference for all the family, as well as a beautiful companion for anyone embarking on, or involved in, a medical career - doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, and complementary therapists. Striking images show the intricate workings of the human body, and are provided by Primal Pictures - the world's leading interactive anatomy collection.

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