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Art in Time Uknown Comic Book Adventures 1940- 1980

written by Dan Nadel

Harry N Abrams | ISBN 9780810988248

Hardback – 304 pages


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"Art in Time" picks up where Dan Nadel's previous book, "Art Out of Time", left off in the celebration of unknown comics art, but this time Nadel focuses on the lesser known works by giants of the industry, like H.G. Peter (the artist for "Wonder Woman"), Sam Glanzman (artist for "Our Army at War"), John Stanley (writer and artist for "Little Lulu"), Harry Lucey (one of the artists behind "Archie"), Jesse Marsh (the artist for "Tarzan"), and Bill Everett (best know for his characters Sub Mariner and Dr. Strange). Representing a smart selection of comics history, "Art in Time", examines forgotten characters and stories by some of the most beloved comics creators. Each entry allows the reader to observe the fully developed style unique to each artist, highlighting comics art only (no newspaper strips this time). The material included covers fifteen of the best comics artists and is divided into the following popular genres: Adventure, Western, Psychedelic, Crime, Children's, Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Romance. "Art in Time" is designed as a reading book, allowing fans to catch up on some of best, but forgotten, work in comics' history.

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