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Masterpieces of Japanese Screen Painting

written by Miyeko Murase

George Braziller | ISBN 9780807612309

Hardback – 231 pages


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This magnificently illustrated oversized book contains color reproductions of 37 screens from the Muromachi through the Edo periods (1392-1868). Painted screens were a major component of traditional Japanese architecture, and their decoration reflected the leading schools and movements in Japanese art. Unfortunately, very few screens are extant in their original settings, making the book's 13 gatefold illustrations especially valuable: nearly 5 feet wide when opened, the gatefolds give an excellent impression of how the screens really looked and allow the viewer to "read" the objects from right to left, as their creators intended. Columbia University art professor Murase's brief but clear commentary opens the book; other textual material includes descriptions of each screen reproduced, a glossary, and short biographies of the artists whose work is presented. Valuable for the quality and presentation of its illustrations, the book merits consideration by libraries supporting programs in Japanese art, though the cost may be prohibitive for many.

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