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History of Venice in Painting

written by Georges Duby, Guy Lobrichon

Abbeville Press | ISBN 9780789209337

Hardback – 496 pages


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Venice is a magical city. For centuries it has enchanted visitors with its magnificent architecture and romantic canals. Yet the imprint Venice left in the realm of painting, not only as a subject that inspired visiting artists from Europe and beyond but more importantly as the seat of a new school of painting for which Venice should best be remembered. The Venetian school of painting was developed during the Renaissance, featuring such celebrated painters as Bellini, Mantegna, Giorgione and Titian.Emphasizing Venice's pervasive sunlight and glowing colour in their works, these painters influenced centuries of painters to come. The authors of this book explain how the Venetian School, in addition to other attractions like Carnival attracted legions of tourists to Venice, making it a obligatory stop on the Grand Tour that should complete any 18th century gentleman's cultural education. Visitors also came to Venice to paint the city's famous light for themselves, most notably Turner and Monet. Protected in a silkbound slipcase, this gorgeous tribute captures the history and legacy of Venice with over 350 full colour images and 4 gatefolds.

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