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Steampunk H G Wells

written by Zdenko Basic

Running Press | ISBN 9780762444441

Hardback – 408 pages


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This is a refreshing, unabridged collection of H.G. Well's classic science - fiction stories. "The Time Machine, War of the Worlds", and "The Country of the Blind" are brought to life by eye-popping full-colour Steampunk - inspired illustrations. No classic work lends itself better to Steampunk illustrations than "The Time Machine, War of the Worlds", and "The Country of the Blind," written by H.G. Wells, who many consider to be the father of Steampunk itself. Wells' tales of time travel and suspense make this the perfect addition to our steampunk series. Fans old and new will be delighted by Basic's elaborate four-color illustrations spiked with Steampunk machinery, gadgets, and fashion. "The Steampunk" series takes popular and original classic works of fiction that continue to find themselves on high school reading lists. It incorporates Steampunk - inspired artwork, giving the classic text a refreshing take on both the work itself and the science-fiction subgenre. With Steampunk trending big right now, reluctant readers will be drawn to the edgy steampunk artwork while enjoying classic fiction that they would have never normally approached unless it was required reading.

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