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The Games Bible

written by Leigh Anderson

Workman Publishing | ISBN 9780761153894

Paperback – 448 pages


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Game expert Leigh Anderson presents the new bible of games: over 300 playful, clever, imaginative ways for two or more grown-ups to have fun. Lots of fun. Here are parlour games, party games, indoor games and outdoor games, guessing games, card games, trivia games, and strategy games. It includes the classics - Botticelli, Exquisite Corpse, Marco Polo, Charades (In fact, not just Charades, but 10 variations) plus newer favourites - Yukigassen (Japanese Snowball Fighting), Six-Word memoir, Iron Chef Potluck - and, from contributors like Will Shortz, 15 brand-new games created for the book. Every entry includes number of players, directions and rules, gear if needed, time, strategies, and game plans. It's the book that belongs in every home, apartment, vacation house, dorm room, and community centre.

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