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Bright Young Things

written by Alison Maloney

Virgin Books | ISBN 9780753540978

Hardback – 192 pages


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Bright Young Things is a thoroughly entertaining non-fiction account of 'the real Downton Abbey', which brings to life the social backdrop of the series in an informative, fun and engaging book. Comprehensively researched and featuring personal accounts and tales from real people of the era, it showcases the true experiences of the changing times of the twenties, from the highs of the new freedoms to the lows of the economic devastation, and with all the frolicking and high spirits you'd expect from a book on the iconic Jazz Age.

As one viewer told The New York Times: 'I'm just enjoying the show so much, I thought I needed to get a book about it. And I was watching [the historical scenes] and thinking, I don't know enough about this. So maybe I can learn something in the process.'

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