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Fragment of Dreams

written by Phillipa Fioretti

Hachette | ISBN 9780733624407

Paperback – 352 pages


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Lily has found love and her life should be rosy, but discovering an uncle and cousin she never knew she had could throw her beloved William behind bars and leave Lily on her own with only Otto, the dog, for company in her turmoil.
Lily and William, who discovered love in THE BOOK OF LOVE, are planning their new life together in Rome when Poppy, Lily s big sister, announces that she s found an uncle and cousin they d never heard of before. Their joy at meeting their new family comes crashing down when their double-crossing cousin Andy accuses William of stealing and attempted murder. A valuable fragment from a Roman frieze has been stolen from Andy s father and Andy is pointing the finger at William, while also trying to woo his cousin Lily. He s a bad piece of work and Lily has to act quickly to save William, retrieve the fragment and bring Andy to justice.
An urgent flight to Italy, some smart work in Andy s hotel room and quick thinking on a dark night on the Amalfi coast might just be enough to right the wrongs, or see Lily become the next victim in the crazy web woven by Andy s addled mind.
With equal amounts of charm and action, The Fragment of Dreams will steal your heart.

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