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From Objects of Desire to Magnificent Obsession

written by Claudia Chan Shaw

ABC | ISBN 9780733325977

Paperback – 304 pages


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Tin robots, classic cars, letters from celebrities and US presidents. Snow domes, first edition books, vintage fashion, contemporary art, Bakelite radios and wine. Claudia Chan Shaw admits to a fondness for all of the above and more. She admits to buying, collecting, displaying and falling in love, often, with objects from markets, shops, garage sales and auctions. She admits to having collectomania! Come with Claudia as she navigates the world of collectors and their obsessions, celebrates collections both strange and beautiful and shares secrets about her own love affair with everything from Humphrey Bogart memorabilia to Astro Boy. 'well designed, full of photos and written in an approachable, conversational tone. It will make an excellent gift for either novice or expert collectors.

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